Arcane Defiling or Preserving

Defiling or Preserving

When you use any arcane power, you can choose to defile, destroying mundane plant life within at least 1 square of you. When you use a daily arcane attack power, the damage to the world extends out a number of squares equal to half the level of the power you use. This destruction does not normally affect creatures or terrain, though defiled squares might become defiled terrain (described in the Dark Sun Creature Catalog) at the Dungeon Master’s discretion. You are considered to be preserving unless you choose to defile.

If you have at least one arcane daily attack power, you gain the arcane defiling power.

Preserving magic does not drain from the surrounding living matter because preservers carefully replace the energy they siphon with their spells; defiling magic creates a blackened radius around the caster.

Using arcane magic is illegal in most of Athas. This is because the reckless use of arcane magic during ancient wars defiled the land. Defiling gives away that someone is using arcane magic.

Arcane spellcasters who devote themselves to defiling receive additional benefits. A character who defiles for all of their spells in a given day receives an extra Action Point at the beginning of the day and an additional extra Action Point at every milestone. If the defiler uses any preserving magic, they must immediately remove an Action Point and no longer get extra action points for dedicated defiling until after an extended rest. This may put them at negative Action Points.

In order to use preserver magics, characters must purchase the Preserver feat. This allows the character to disguise even their Daily Power magic.

Characters may wish to disguise their casting as something other than Arcane magic when they are being observed by someone who is trained in Arcana. Doing so normally requires a Bluff check.

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Arcane Defiling or Preserving

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