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Low ranges such as the Mekillot Mountains, the Stormclaw Mountains, and the Black Spine Mountains dot the Tyr Region. They are daunting obstacles. Their bare, rocky peaks – sometimes as tall as 6,000 feet – offer little water or shelter to make the climb worthwhile. After a daytime temperature of well over 100 degrees, temperatures at night can plunge near the freezing point. Most of the exposed rock crumbles under the twin hammers of heat and cold, so great slopes of broken rock and frequent rockslides make for arduous travel.

Mountain vales, on the other hand, often are watered and filled with heavy scrub, cacti, or sparse forest. Little of the land is suitable for cultivation, but savages and monsters such as goliaths, gith, and kirres make their homes in vales. Large networks of caverns lie under most of the low mountain ranges, home to all sorts of strange creatures that prefer to hide from the sun.

A truly awesome mountain range marks the western border of the Tyr Region – the Ringing Mountains, whose highest peaks reach 20,000 feet or more. Some of these peaks have thin but permanent snowcaps.


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