The Dragon’s Pearl

copied from the Dusted Wanderings Scroll, on behalf of Valkur, by the minstrel Orgothen

Samarah has a pretentious nickname, but is probably the nicest pocket of civilization in the eastern Tablelands. It perches atop a ridge overlooking the Estuary of the Forked Tongue to the south, where this silt river meets the Sea of Silt. To its north are the Salt Meres of Bodach. Effectively a coastal town, this is a crucial “landfall” for traders on the Sea of Silt, and a last supply stop for those headed east from the Seven Cities. That, and the town’s reliable well, serve to provide its upper class citizenry with a fair amount of wealth. While the well is labor intensive, and only provide a small stream of water, it has yet to run dry even in the harshest years.

Samarah is home to a shifting population of about 3,000 citizens and about 2,500 slaves. Another 1,500 or so itinerants pass through the city during the highest points of the trading season. Far removed from the great city states, the well-to-do in this mid-sized town still have aspirations to similar displays of affluence. The town boasts a sizable arena, and a dozen or so worthwhile gladiatorial matches a year. There are more than a dozen fights, but most of the them just aren’t worth watching. The arena is also used for exciting executions of criminals, usually by pitting them against fierce creatures.

Some months ago, Samarah experienced a slave revolt over increased water rationing during the hottest part of the year. Many wealthier citizens were killed, and many homes damaged. In the aftermath, it is said that the town has become much more cautious and oppressive. The town guard is supposedly tripled in size, and most noble houses have doubled their own guards. Where slaves were once given much latitude, they now find life strictly regulated. Even cherished slaves still find themselves watched, their liberties tightly controlled. While still a stop of necessity for travelers, there are those who say the town is no longer as welcoming.

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