Sweet King

This is a game I designed myself, though it’s possible it already exists somewhere unknown to me.

RP dynamics:
This game reflects a kingdom either torn in three or ruled by one. The cards represent their armies. During a hand, there are multiple processions of players drawing cards, and changing around what cards they keep. The object is to act like your cards are constructed of a particular army so that your opponent will build an army that counters it.

Crunch for the game:
Because the value of the cards is non-linear there can be a three way tie.
First round- Players roll d100+bluff check for their card score.
Any advantages are now evaluated, and added to applicable card scores.
The three players with the highest card scores move onto the second round of the shoe.

second round- Now they roll perception.
Players ignore score additions from bluffs beat by their perception.
Whatever player’s score beats the other two will win the booty. (Sweet King)
This game allows for a 3 way tie, in which the booty is split three ways.

Example of a Sweet King Draw

Players a thru e set down for a game of Sweet King.

Round 1 card scores:

a:43+10 bluff = 53

b:35+8 bluff = 43

c:68+15 bluff = 83

d:70+10 bluff = 80

e:72+5 bluff = 77

a and b lost already

Round 2 perception checks:

c: 4 perc

d: 22 perc

e: 12 perc

Evaluating winners:

c: win c83 vs e77 lose c68 vs d80

c made a good bluff against e, but d detected it.

d: Win d80 vs e68 lose d70 vs e72

d caught onto both opponents bluffs, but was not luckier than e.

e: Win e72 vs d70 lose e77 vs c83

e couldn’t bluff, however his luck and ability to read people paid off.


c, d, and e split the pot 3 ways minus the cost the house deducts.

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Sweet King

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