The dwarves of Athas have the stature of their kin dred in other worlds short, sturdy, and thickly muscled. Most dwarves have deep tans from lives spent toiling in the hot sun, with wide, callused hands and feet. They usually have little or no hair; the flowing beards that are the pride of male dwarves on other worlds are never seen on the Athasian variety.

Dwarves are known for their stoicism and single-mindedness. They fix their minds on the task at hand, whether it is a challenging feat of engineering, an intricate work of craft, a struggle for survival, or a quest for revenge. It’s just not in their nature to abandon a task or leave work half done; dwarves set aside the object of their focus only after much grumbling and coercion. Dwarves have no lands of their own and live among the other folk of Athas. They reside both in cities and in the countryside, and they tend to be builders and farmers instead of nomads or raiders.

Despite the current absence of dwarven cities or strongholds, dwarves have a rich cultural history passed down from generation to generation in great sagas and secret traditions. Long ago, dwarven cities were the marvel of the world, and the dwarves keep the tales of their past glories and bitter defeats alive across the centuries.

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