Elemental Priests

The elemental priests serve the elementals and Athas. They strive to return their barren and battered world to its former state of lush green valleys, forested mountains, and cool waterfalls.

Paraelemental priests oppose the restoration of Athas, serving the paraelements whose power and might is growing as defiler magic continues to plunge Athas further into decay and ruin.

Athasian elemental priest of Earth, of Air, of Fire, or of Water can only serve one, for the elements are jealous masters. There are four different ways in which they bring about the regeneration of Athas: as a Wanderer, as a Guardian of a shrine, as a City Cleric, or as a Shaman of a tribe. The paraelemental priests’ success depends upon the failure of the elemental priests.

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Elemental Priests

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