Most halflings hail from the Forest Ridge, a mysterious and legendary jungle said to crown the Ringing Mountains. Halflings live apart from other races, divided by their stature and odd customs, but no one can deny their bravery and cunning. The savagery for which they are feared masks a deep and abiding reverence for the natural world and an uncommon connection to the land’s spirits. Haiflings live throughout the Tyr Region—some as slaves, others as mercenaries, and still others as raiders. Regardless, all haiflings look to the Forest Ridge as their homeland.

The haiflings are an ancient people; according to their myths, they are among the oldest in the world. Once stewards of all the land, the haiflings retreated when dark magic came to power, and they built a civilization at the roof of the world. Over the ages they have forgotten much of their learning, but they remain a spiritual people, and their connections to the natural world are the strongest of any civilized race in the Tyr Region. These connections make it hard for them to establish productive relationships with other races. For example, halflings place little emphasis on the individual; each haifling is merely part of the overall race, which itself is part of a much larger organism the world. This view makes it nearly impossible for haiflings to deceive or betray one another.

Halflings see all creatures as potential sources of sustenance. After all, living beings compete to survive, and halflings think nothing of eating their enemies, for doing so ensures their own survival.

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