Rune of Self-Impression

The image ripples and wavers at first, before growing clear, as a reflection revealed in calming waters. Fine, stone-hued fur covers the powerful frame of this minotaur, standing perhaps a half-handspan over seven feet. Where the fur is thin enough, his gray-brown hide is visible, stretched taut over formidable musculature. His weight, spread evenly over his athletic build, seems nearly 350 stone. His eyes stare back at you, the color of slate, gaze unwavering. His horns, a gray at the base and brown towards the tips, are inscribed with Primordial runic etchings. His dark hooves, more gray than brown, bear similar runic etchings.

A tabbard of leather protects his torso, the bleached knuckle bones of herd beasts and the polished chitin of mountain-dwelling kanks studding the armor. He grips a shield, the single reptile scale reinforced with rib bones down its backside. Into these bones are carved the grips. The scale is etched with runes, akin to those which mark his horns and hooves. In his other hand is a hammer, fashioned from the femur of some massive beast. The tapered base of the bone haft is wrapped in strips of cured hide. A loop of braided rope hangs down, anchored by the grip and intended to slip over the wielder’s wrist. The upper end of the massive leg bone is shaped by careful carving into the brutal hammerhead. The weapon is covered in runic etchings.

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Rune of Self-Impression

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