AP Tracker

Awesomeness Points

I will be giving these out for roleplaying above and beyond the call of duty. You can spend them in game:
1 Awesome Point buys you d6 to a roll
2 APs buys you a d6 to an allies’ roll
2 APs buys you a reroll or force the DM to reroll
4 APs buys you a crit on any single roll


+1 for sweet backstory
+1 for character spell/theme consistency
+1 for almost killing Valkur
+1 for killing a helpless captive accidentally
+1 for setting Valkur’s created rock on fire to track its progress into a dust storm
+2 for spilling oil creating a slippery slop after Valkur’s mental telepathy startled him (which then went on to cause havoc)
+1 for throwing handfuls of flaming oil at a buglike creature
+1 for hiding from the buglike creature in an area of flaming oil
+1 for his paranoia in a room already investigated
+1 for investigating the ectoplasm and identifying
-3 To succeed on creating a pillar of flame after effectively wasting a daily
-3 To succeed on knocking prone the wyrm/dragon creature and stacking additional flame effects on top of it
+1 for paranoia and reactions to the symbol of the wyrm
+1 for deciding to test to see if on a crit fail I inadvertently killed us all
+1 for stacking effects to deal damage on entry to a zone, start of a turn and also the end of a turn
+1 for almost killing and hitting the creature repeatedly/also as it escaped, possibly leading to it suffering from the sandstorm
+1 For constant Arcana success (crit/near crit) rolls
+1 For melting the locking mechanisms of chests in order to open them
+1 For saving Ka’Cha by cauterising his wounds with Valkur using the spike on his axe and my ability to heat it
+1 stirring up dust with gem to test brazier’s dust repulsion
+1 general paranoia and fear of dead things
+1 sun symbol preparation, hiding behind thrones, and nothing happens
+1 using ceramic “passkey” to wedge the door open, disabling magical sensor on traps
+2 for dropping ongoing fire and killing 6 spirits that kept entering the flames
+2 for investigative deductions into the mysteries of the arcane

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 bracing door jam and trying to pull out Ja’kul
+1 from triggering the “racist” doors repeatedly
+1 ongoing door issues, asking for help from Ja’kul and pouting when denied
+2 bar fight shenanigans
+2 threat indicator

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for sweet backstory
+1 for perspective writings and scroll concept
+1 battle axe spray pun
Adventure Bar Fight: used -2AP
+1 Hitting people with chairs
+1 Holding up two chairs then headbutting
+1 Skidding on knees across a table to hit someone with a chair
Dust Storm Bandit Fight: used 2 AP
+1 for killing a bandit with a dust storm he had previously been using to dispose of bodies into
-3 to get a killing blow in statue
+1 slamming the cauldron into statues/Ja’kul
+1 hanging the sunrod on his torso
+1 for creative use of psionic tools
-6 AP to crush the cauldron
+1 for attacking cauldron despite the risks
+1 for spending 6 AP to get the kill in one hit
+1 for using Inspiring Fortitude to further heal J’kul
+2 from the “this chest was full of broken stuff”
+1 from the “racist” door schtick
+1 from the healing effort on Ka’cha
+1 general paranoia, checking traps and then kicking doors open anyway
+1 sun symbol preparation, squeezing behind throne, then nothing happens
+1 stirring up dust with gem to test brazier’s dust repulsion
+1 using ladle to move oil while threat not dealt with
+1 for projecting images to warn of combat
+1 for telling the ghost queen it is dead
+1 trying to convince the other ghosts they were dead
+1 cautious handling of the rugs
-4 to ensure Ka’Cha hit ghost

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 awesome point for attending
+1 showing up randomly mid bar fight
Hejkin fight in cave: used -2AP
+1 saying “I am ready. Lets do this!”
+1 for howling too much in the Echoing Mines and pissing off the Hejkins
+1 for Life-Ending Strike a 1HP Hejkin
+1 consistency in RP over every session

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for backstory
+1 Over-feeding kanks and making them sick (two journey breads and my desert clothes)
-1 to hit with Mountain Thunder strike
+1 Deliver brutal strike while blind… to a corpse (Gallagher splatter!)
-1 to hit with opening attack
+1 for announcing the enemy was beneath the floor
+2 for using Bull Rush to move Kor’ra and take the attack in his place
-1 for bonus to hit
-1 for bonus to damage
-2 grant team mate a reroll
-2 grant team mate a reroll
+3 AP patience with Magnus
+1 AP for not killing Magnus
+1 AP for not killing Talon
+1 AP for perfect ghost noise
+1 for taking care of the AP tracker for everyone
-1 to boost attack and hit bandit
+1 to good idea/RP to toss bodies far from trail and keep carrion-feeders away
+1 for leading/organizing the party (helping new players with their powers)
-1 to get a hit on a chuul
+1 for charging in wildly
+2 for 4 hours of RP labor for moving rocks
+1 for pulling group back/retreating from potential ambush
+1 for javelin/rope trick to pull down wall
+1 for dragging chuuls with rope
+1 strong In Character RP and play
+1 for using Bull Rush to move Retheran out of danger
+1 for amazing AC/defenses
+1 for charging around and stomping on beehives
+1 for description of powers
-3 to ensure hits
+1 for teamwork on removing stones
+1 for setting up the large snares for the chuul
+1 for good rolls supporting RP throughout the game
+1 for flipping Jacob on how to handle the mine
-3 for hits on Korsk
-2 to reroll a fail
-3 to make attacks hit
-5 for a crit on a Perception check
+2 for saving minions by carrying them out of ongoing damage aura
-2 for successful hits
+1 for use of Boiling Cloud
+1 for helping combat to run smooth and fast
+1 for spending coin on accommodations unnecessarily

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for character concept and prescient/precognitive abilities
+1 for Surviving against the odds
+1 AP for patience with Magnus
+1 AP for “scooby doo woul have been way better with the warhammer”
+1 AP for “I discovered dirt!” on crit fail Nature
-5 to hit all foes
+1 for using all those AP
+1 for cool summoned hound
-2 AP to achieve hit and damage enough to kill chuul
+2 for killing submerged chuul with lightning bolt

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for character concept
+1 mage hand to move rocks
+1 for idea for baiting chuul with hejkin corpses
+1 for illusion of self working on the rocks
+1 for insane babbling/strategies

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for character concept
+1 picking name (Seth) under pressure and on the fly
+1 for the comment “Kragan smells”
+1 for brilliant use of scattering shot
Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for baackstory
+1 for character concept

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 for character concept
+1 for patience with Magnus
+1 for honesty about the the ‘ghost voice’ point

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 base point
+1 for doing the honey badger voice-over voice
+1 for sweet invisible sword
+1 for hilarious giant ant movie
+1 not interrupting the DM
+1 for elf-jerky joke

Current Total 8/9/12

Varis Bonecrusher

+1 base point
+1 for routing 1/3 of bandits with Intimidate
+1 for taking a ton of damage and not dying
-2 making thrown hammer hit
-1 for extra damage to get a kill
+1 charging bravely in
+1 good RP with battle cries
+2 4 hours of RP labor for moving rocks

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 base point
+1 for skipping round when confused as to choices
+1 for pun about beeline
+2 for healing/protecting people consistently
-1 to ensure a hit
+1 for teamwork on removing stones
+1 stacking difficult terrain and damage
+1 for climbing ridge to get a good view
-2 to get hits
-4 for a crit

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 base point
+1 for charging around on a steed and slaying stuff
+2 for awesome story and consistent play
-3 to ensure hits
+1 stacking difficult terrain and damage
+1 for teamwork on removing stones
+1 for summoning steed in the cave
+1 for waking Kragan with a stone
+1 caught DM using Encounter power as an At-Will
+1 summoning obsidian steed and keeping it alive against ongoing damage
+1 to timely AC boost to obsidian steed
-3 (spent by Pendarin) for successful hits

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 base point
+1 for not interrupting the DM (Tabryn as Retheran)
+1 for amazing defensive prowess in fight (Tabryn as Retheran)
+1 for jumping and playing without any real problems (Tabryn as Retheran)
+1 for awesome “Mordedchai” (fire hawk) kills
+2 for excellent story and consistent play
+1 for ridiculous string of lucky 19s
+1 for teamwork removing the rocks
+1 for using “Mordechai” for serious battlefield control
+1 for RP at meeting (storming out) and for playing in backstory
+1 for shapeshifting to investigate Korsk further
+1 for not screwing the party over while sticking to RP
+1 for widening cave to pull in the wagon
-4 to gain a critical hit
+1 spotting the invisible tembo repeatedly
+1 using summoned hawk to check if followed
+2 for awesome uses of thorn wall
+1 for helping run Norn when player absent
+1 for spending a bunch of Norn’s AP
+1 for awesome uses of nature magic
+1 for “saving for a rainy day” comment

Current Total 8/9/12


+1 base point
+1 for not interrupting DM
+1 for healing stuff, character design
+1 for thinking outside the box (don’t take the NPC’s word for it)

Current Total 8/9/12

AP Tracker

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