House Rules

Throwing Enemies
Throwing enemies works similar to fall damage. Fall damage is d10 every ten ft.
Thrown collision damage is d6 every ten ft.

Throw Enemy – Standard Action vs Fortitude
Must have one hand free
Attack with d20+(Str mod or Dex mod)
Hit:damage enemy d6 every ten ft thrown.
Miss: enemy gets CA against you.
Effect: push enemy two squares linearly.

Weapon Break
In the world of Athas there are no metals.

Rolling a critical fail will require you to roll a d4. If you get a 1 again, then your weapon breaks and cannot be used again until it is repaired.

Each session you will get XP. Players not in the session will get half.
New players will start at a level below the median.

Control Weather – times are half the rate

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House Rules

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