Journal of Kor'Ra

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Finding himself near stranded in the desert rather than the more lush confines of Forest Ridge after piercing the veils of the world since communing with the denizens of The Gray and seemingly bringing back a reflected piece of his own soul in the form of his spectral companion, Kor’Ra swiftly became known among the various trade caravans, initially as a sun touched crazy man of the desert.
This view was somewhat altered by his eerie ability to predict the outcome of decisions regarding one’s proposed route, a skill which while not necessarily granting him many friends rapidly brought him to the attentions of prominent trade families that would often attempt to seek him out and on occasions tie him into their service, if they could find him.

Seen on occasion to turn up unexpectedly at just the right moment he began to be welcome if a little creepy company at many a campsite across the region.

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Journal of Kor'Ra

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